Reviews for "Up Your Nose"


Fucking awesome. Perfect in every way. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing to loud and waking my flatmate!


A TALKING BANANA! Wait its a orange.. Thats ok then..
This is weird, but very stylish.. and nice :]]
Well done :D

I liked it

The week without sleep was worth it. Nice one. I liked it all, at first I thought it was just going to be excrutiatingly embarassing over-randomness, but it had a story and was quite good. (Reminded me of Jon Richardson off the Russell Howard Show on BBC Radio 6 if you have ever heard it, who hates bad grammar).

The only lacking part for me was the sound. The voice acting was quite good, but I could tell you were very tired, and it lacked exuberance. The lack of music also made it a bit dull for me, only little electronic sounds in between scenes, but not much actual music. Some background music, especially when the Orange thinks his Steve is dead would have been good.

All in all, great job, I enjoyed it, and I think that is the main aim.

Original, funny, and worthy of the frontpage

This submission is not only incredibly original, but also very well drawn and animated. You did a nice job designing characters that had exagurated characteristics which reflected their personalities. The vandal with the elongated tongue was especially solidly designed.

And the actual animation was very fluid and synchronized well with the audio. It was nice to see the blending of tweening and frame by frame animation that went on throughout the animation. Especially during the fight sequence, for some reason, the hand animations just struck me as particularly well thought-out and excecuted.

You also did a very nice job of voice acting, which I'm sure other people will take notice of as well. It fit in nicely with the stylish animation and music that use chose to use.

Overall, there was very little that could have made this animation any better. This is why I believe it should be on the front page, and why I will not be surprised when I see it there. Good job.

plentymagpies responds:

Thanks a lot, appreciate that.


Made me chuckle for a bit. This reminded me of some of David Firths work with all the accents and weird looking characters only with more colour and less creepyness. Well done