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Reviews for "Macbeth Act 2 Scene 3"

Okayfor a Phoenix Wright spoof. SO the bar is set low on the quality of these flashes which passed.

Nice job

I think you should add buttons so the viewer can click on it when they are done reading instead of having to rush. The graphics were decent, you could have added some translation or something? It was hard to understand what they were saying because I don't understand middle-english. The music was very fitting to the animation and it deserves a C+, I mean a 4. :D


I think this animation has a lot of things going for it, it has appropriate music that really sets the mood, and it has great drawings. On the other hand, there IS a LOT of writing which most of us wouldn't have the patience for, especially since it's Macbeth, which is a great play btw, but hard to understand for most. But since, that is the theme of this animation, I can't really dock too many points off, so I gave it a 3/5.

It's okay, had it's issues though

Well if you plan on this kind of submissions to be accepted into the portal I'd suggest adding an explanation of the story so far in the begining. Also either add voice acting, or which would be probably easier let the reader indicate when he's done reading the text (make a button or a 'click to continue' thing), that way he can pay the text as much attention as he needs to and not rush the reading before it switches to the next scene.

it was okay

it was good graphics but it was way too wordy...i hate reading that much in that small of a text in a limited time...great graphics though