Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


great flash m8

Good But not perfect

Im sorry but i would rather prefer to see more on the zombie series than this cause sure good graphics and stuff but im more into zombies lol but very good music good and graphics are good!! :p

Gi-go responds:

There are zombies in the first file.

But reviews like this are the reason I'm not making another zombie movie.


this is awesome, i dont think anyone ever had the idea of a half human, half alien mercenary before, if this was a movie then it would be big, keep up the good work

Gi-go responds:

I dont think so either. Thanks man

My god

it's beatiful, a lot of shooting, fight.
I like the fight betwen Gi-ichi and Gi-Go
good work Seth johnson good work.
When the file number three?

Gi-go responds:

Thanks a lot man

Not too soon, I'm mostly working in film now.

Nice But...........

Its been over 4 years since Operation Gi-go: File 2 was made wheres three Mr.Johnson times running out........Im jk Really nice dude cant wait till 3

Gi-go responds:

Haha, I know man, I know.

I've been doing mostly film lately, you can check out a piece of my movie WrongCrowdMovie.com