Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

it was good...

but my only problem was it that there were not very many voice actors most of them were, that i could tell , were all one voice and nobody elses so try that next time but in all it was very good

Gi-go responds:

I agree

I'll look into getting some more next time.

Great flash

This is some piece of very nice flash work. I like the way you do all the backgrounds. It's just looks more like an anime type movie because of it, wich is good. I also enjoyed the intro, since the house in the moonlight just gave me an atmospheric wave of hotness showering over me. I see progress since the 1st one aswell.

Keep it up! 4/5 8/10

Cheers!! SimMa-T

Gi-go responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked the backgrounds, I make them all in photoshop.

The house with the moon is one of my favs too =D

very good

these obviously take a while to make, but either way its about time! i've been looking forward to this for a long time!! cant wait for the next part.

its good to see something that actually deserves front page by the way.

Gi-go responds:

I'm glad you think so

Thanks for the review

Great job but a major flaw.

I liked this flash, good voice acting good violence and good graphics. The bad things were that when he moved it looked terrible. It looked weird, that's how I would describe it. Good job though, work on the movement then it would look good.

Gi-go responds:

I know, I'll work on that.


This is AWSOME

It reminds me too much of a single person Roleplay story I'm doing online... Oh well to the review, well Gi-go kind of moves like he's high on pot or something, but I understand how difficult it must be to make complex animation run smoothly. I'm sure your trying your best to improve so I won't complain. However I also like your Extras feature with the first Gi-go moive you ever made, and I have to tell you, I found it funny in a good way. "All I wanted was some chips GOD" anyway excellent work.

Gi-go responds:

Haha, I found it funny in a bad way. I guess I just want people to see how far you can come, so they dont give up.