Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

Real Nice

That was pretty cool. I really like the graphic but some animation seems awkward. Some of the script writing too. But it doesn't kill the interest. I'm looking forward for the next file.

Also, I really like what you did at the end; the music listing with play buttons. I always wondered why no Flash artists made that before and you're the first I saw to do it.

Oh yeah, I watch that flash you made when you were 12. You came a long way. You made it from "crappy flash" to "I wouldn't be surprised to see this on the top 50 flash". Awesome job!

Gi-go responds:

I need to improve on that stuff, I agree. I'm glad you appriciated the music buttons. I havent seen them before either, and I dont know why.

Haha, I had to work up the courage to show everybody on NG that movie.

Thanks for the review.


man that was good really liked it. alot better than the old gi-gos i saw ages ago. (well i remember them not being half as good as this) but yeah loved all of it and the story line. what powers do all the gi's have? my only beef with this flash is the runnng but youve heard that before. look forward to the next file

Gi-go responds:

Yeah they sucked =)

Youll find out what kind of abilities they have later on.


very cool

everything was drawn well but when they moved, they looked like the moved 1 joint at a time like... robots
other than your characters being robots the story was interesting and the graphics excellent


purdy nice. and watching the elbow attacks gave me the lol's.

Gi-go responds:

Haha I had to add some Ong-Baks in there. You know I would have to eventually. I hope your new movie comes out soon.



I have to Admit I was very surprised with the quality of this flash, And Although I believe strongly that FBF looks better ( If well done ). You Did a great job of moving the body parts of the characters and did a good job drawing different angles. The ONLY thing I did not care for was the voice acting, Gi-Go sounded emotionless and The voice Did not match him, Seeing that he speaks through telepathy, I would imagine his voice being more powerfull and hazed, but the guard near the begining was done very well in terms of his voice to character...Anyway It's awesome to see how far your animation has come from the origonals. Keep Up the good work! ( and keep the theme music fits PERFECTLY!)

Gi-go responds:

I will be using more fbf next time, I just rushed it this time because I wanted it done.

I've never really heard anything bad about the voices, maybe I will look into other things I could do for him. I'm glad you like the music.

Thanks alot