Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


I thought your beginning was good. The voice acting wasn't the greatest, but hey, I give you credit for your attempt. Your music and sounds were done well, as were your graphics. Overall, I'd say nine.
I await your next movie :)

Gi-go responds:

Thanks alot

Its in the works!


nicely done, the only part that needs improvement is the movement. great job.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I need to work on that some.

Glad you liked it, thanks!


^^Good Points^^
Extremely well done, I'm surprised by this. The drawings were very pleasant and rather refreshing. Excellent drawing and other graphical effects. The storyline was interesting and this seems to be developing nicely. Definitely a great effort, I think it deserves more popularity.

^^Needs Improving^^
Your running/walking animations are a little strange and could use some practice.

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Gi-go responds:

I'm glad you understood the story line and liked the effects.


Pretty Snazzy

The Graphics:For flash some of the best i've ever seen.. the animations for most things were pretty good, the running down the hall was wonky. but i didn't do anything to make it less enjoyable. i actually lol'd there so it actually made it better.

The Sound:well the gun shots,bones breaking, doors opening .. etc were good,the voice acting although not bad in any sense of the words could use some work.

The Style: it had good style, gritty urban and dark. i liked it

Violence: Bam Mo Fucka

Interactivity: yeah not really any, but it is a movie.

Humor: bahaha him running down the hall fer sure.

OVERALL: great piece of flash. A-

Gi-go responds:

Wow, I'm glad you noticed the style, thats exactly what I wwas going for.


very cool

everything was drawn well but when they moved, they looked like the moved 1 joint at a time like... robots
other than your characters being robots the story was interesting and the graphics excellent