Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

very good

I remember seeing the first file a long time ago and I thought that it was brilliant back then. This one is of just as high quality and I thourghly enjoyed it.
However I did think that the voice work did kinda spoil the feel of the animation as it was kind of mumbled and didnt sound to great compared to the rest of the sound work. Also some parts of the animation looked a bit off from the rest (running at the guards, boot when accelerating).
Dont take my criticism the wrong way this is a fully acomplished flash and you should be proud to use it as an example of your work. Keep on going as the plot, although done to death, is inreaging and the characters are worthy of your time to develop them furthur.

Gi-go responds:

I don't really agree that this plot has ever been done before, but thanks for the good points!

I'll try to work on those things.

Thank you

Awesome Flash

Great flash man everything was looking pretty good and i noticed...you numbered the gi's in japanese(if you were some was spelled wrong)? if you werent trying thats weird lol but keep it up man!

Gi-go responds:

Yeah, you figured that out. It will be explained in the next episode. I looked it up, I'm pretty sure they were all spelled right.


its ok but you really need improvent because you use tween and it lookes bad with tweens next gi-go file dont get tween lazy -_-*

4/5 YK-Blaze


I haven't seen anything so impressive in a long time. The only bad part was the fighting moves.

Well made movie.

The graphics and audio were well done and the plot is inventive, good job!

Gi-go responds:

Im glad you thought so!