Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

gets better and better

i loved this one well mostly cause of the gore it looking real good i hope to see what happens next real soon

Gi-go responds:

The next one is real long, but I'll try to finish before long.

I'm glad you liked the violence.



That was cool, I'm adding it to favorites. The graphics were nothing from great, and, just wow. It has a great story line, all the talking seems to work well. I mean, even for 8 months this is still a great peice. It sucks locks put it down, but it is really good.

Gi-go responds:

Thanks man, I wish they didnt, but oh well...

good work

I gave graphics an 8 because allthough the drawing was superb, the animation of the characters looked a tad unnatural in the fight scenes. Other then that, compelling story board, good fights, clever characters, and a good flash. Nice work. Maybe give me some pointers.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I need some work on movement.

Thanks for writing this review. I know it must have been hard since your hand got welded together in that accident.

Well you know what they say- "Dont work on sunday or youll get fucked up"

Awsome flash skills i must say

This is truly awesome , i never watched the first one but this movie makes you feel like you have, awesome graphics's story , and animation id like to see one of those stick animators reply this movie 1 million times so they learn a little something about animating detailed graphics's.

seth jhonsen!!!!

i wont talk too much because im excited about the slasher film and this is great i leave private message

Gi-go responds:

Thank you!