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Reviews for "sycolux"

nauseating =]

really enjoyed the game, the idea is good only it made me feel sick when it started spinning + zooming in/out, fun untill then though (Y) have a violence-10 for making me throw up (Y)

Very good

Reason ppl were writing ~okat~ reviews was because it first it was very boring but then it got great! I think that the music went perfectly and that this game should be worldwide like Solidtare or soemthing

Well done

I don't understand some of the reviews... maybe they played a completely else game or stopped after one minute. The rotation and zoom-thing was very well done, though the wole game-Idea is old (but if that was a counting criteria at NG we had 98% games with low rating). It was just a bit hard to see at what you are aiming when the rotation speed was very high, maybe you should make the guideline thicker or something.
What I liked most was the music. The menu-music has something exciting, and the ingame-music seems to work together with what happens.


This game was as interesting as standing and drinking water. It has no graphics, the ideea was poor, and the goal of the game was soooo easy. Only the music was likely. For future try to make RPGs. Maybe with a good storyline, and they will come with thousands to play it.

Why purposely sabotage your own play control?

Sorry, but you lost me when the screen started zooming in and out. That's like shaking my PSP while I'm trying to play it. It was fun to play up until that point. After the zooming started, playing the edges with the mouse became impossible. Or at least more frustrating than it was worth.