Reviews for "LL - Everyone Dies"

OH noes

Teh Duck.... D:

MasterLock responds:

His mind was corrupted with evil.

The duck...

The duck did not die which sorely dissappointed me.

MasterLock responds:

It died from loneliness.



This is my favorite of your flashes! Is there going to be a ED2? If not, can I make it instead?

MasterLock responds:

It'd be really weird if someone else made it. I'll see what I can do if I come up with new ideas.

So Funny

I loved this! Thie animation was amazing, the humor was to, and there were "Wtf?" moments! And it's LL! You get 15!

MasterLock responds:

I get 15!


i didnt think the locks were so cool i wish i was one anyway great movie keep it up

MasterLock responds:

Locks are cool, especially MasterLock. He's the coolest one.