Reviews for "LL - Everyone Dies"

Sweet but

ok i did as you asked i rated 5 out of 5 and 10 outa 10 cuz it was cool but what was that suicide music i know ive herd it and i cant seen to remember the name

MasterLock responds:

If you're referring to the one with Redcherry, that would be Crawling by Linkin Park.


Voted 5.

:'( I miss right click...

No fair!

Dude, Loco Roco rules, good job that tune was at the end or I'd throw a rampage. Coz where the fuck is my fun stuff Mister!?!?!?


(='.'=) This is Lord Bunny. Paste him on everywhere
(")_(") and help him build an army to get WORLD DOMINATION!

MasterLock responds:

I'm not gonna take shit from Lord Bunny.


crawling huh? a real suicide music XD aweesomee

MasterLock responds:


I'm shocked

Who would guess 14 year old flaky girls who need internet boyfriends rather then real ones would dump a "hunk" like cherry!

MasterLock responds:

I know, right?

l. o. l.

That was great! Everybody dies- the way it should be. My top 3 deaths were:

1. Redcherry's Death
2. The Final Death
3. The First Death

Awesome. I also loved how you took music from Locoroco and put it in the credits. :3

MasterLock responds:

Locoroco deserves it.