Reviews for "LL - Everyone Dies"


i like it but you still made fun of likin park :(

MasterLock responds:

i am quite the asshole


lol y does peace always melt

MasterLock responds:

why aren't YOU melting is the better question


This was a fantastic flash for Lock Day 2007 though the concept of it was a bit disturbing with every Lock getting killed it was pretty funny how it all happened,the animation was fantastic with the quick framerate and the well detailed character designs also the script was hilarous too and overall this was one of the best contributions for Lock Day 2007.

MasterLock responds:


Ehr ...

Uhmm .. I was laughing and then i got like: "Uhmm .."
But all in all it was very good !

MasterLock responds:



That was funny...The randomness...oh, the randomness...

MasterLock responds:

Randomness is the foundation of good (terrible) humor!