Reviews for "LL - Everyone Dies"

Zombies at t3h m4ll.

Really creative, but it lacks emotion, mostly.
It just seemed so hateful =( and tasteless.

But the duck part was cool. And os was the soap dance :D

great style too. just make it a lil more fresh

MasterLock responds:


Wow... I actually laughed...

I have to say, you outperformed your comrades by a lot. They either did not have sound, good graphics, or anything needed for a decent flash, but you did. I salute you, and you are truly superior in that odd little emocultgroupgangwarthingy between clock group and lockgroup and wtf ever else there is. Happy lockday, i guess...

MasterLock responds:

Check out Eraser, Courgette, and Clock's flashes, they're awesome too.


this flash was better than living life

MasterLock responds:

Life sucks.

...for emos.

And then...

Right before the duck slaughtered me and my legion of 1000 newborn puppies I got some pepper from the grocery store and ate the duck. The eNd.

Awesome movie, ten almost all the way. Overall is my vote.

MasterLock responds:

If you loved it so much, why did you 5 it?

Good Style

It's nice to see a flash like this that doesn't suck and is actually funny. Keep up the good work! Git a 5 in my books.

MasterLock responds:

Thank you my good sir!