Reviews for "LL - Leave it to Polaroid"

pointless and stupid,i love it!

this was a good moive,and it look well put togther
<happy lock day>

PolaroidLock responds:

Thanks for the review.

Happy LockDay!


This movie is grand, jokes that are funny, effort, and its put together in a random and swell fashion, we need more of this.

PolaroidLock responds:

Expect more.


Thanks a lot.


lol loved the ending, reminds me of chappelle's show "Byaaaaaaaah!!"

PolaroidLock responds:

Haha, well it sorta does and I have seen that. Although it is more or less based off how Howard Dean lost the demoncratic nomination for presidency over that little scream haha. Byahhh!

I see a lot of talent in you.

You'll be off to a great start in the Lock Legion. This entry was better than 90% of the other shit all the other idiots submitted. You make me proud.

PolaroidLock responds:

Yesh! I made someone proud haha. Yea, once again sorry it wasn't frakking sweet, but time kicked my ass.

Thanks a lot.

Fuckign awesome

Really, I love you already. You're most probably the best newb the LL has ever had.

Really awesome animation.

PolaroidLock responds:

Haha is there such as thing as best newb?

Thanks a lot, though.