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Reviews for "The Unleashed: Prelude"

That was a rather splendid movie

And 10's for all, since i have nothing else constructive to say. Wicked!

ClockLock responds:

XD Hah, I thought no one else was going to comment on this. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you muchly. <3

Pretty good.

Ineteresting flash, I'll be sure to watch the rest in the series ;)

ClockLock responds:

I hope not to disappoint.


Nicely done clocky <3{{{}}}

ClockLock responds:

Arararar. |:]


Theres a very big moral behind this flash. its called 'Vote 5'

ClockLock responds:

See, this guy's been doing his homework! Thanks for the review. ;P

Nice dramatic flash.

There's really nothing I can say, other than work on this series more. It has some excellent potential.