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Reviews for "The Unleashed: Prelude"


i didn't rele understand wut was happening but it was good! :)

THE FISTINGS!!!!!111!!1!!!!

Nice one. The character development has improved by leaps and bounds since the last installment, as have the graphics. The dialogue is godly, and this story is going to be epic. I have always figured that Glorton was a place, not a person, and now I know. Massive kudos to you clocky.

Fivened. fivened all the way up the switchboard.


Wow, Clocky a winner sure is you! This wins, loved the kind of minimalist(?) feeling to it, and the beeps and things reminded me of Final Fantasy type games :3

Also, the font you used, Gothic Love Letters, amirite?

ClockLock responds:

Actually, for the Unleashed font I used Abaddon. Thanks for the review though, man. XD The RPG-mood was what I was going for so I'm happy you mentioned that.

Awesome shit there!

very good but i could hardly read what it said because it went very fast. maybe you should look at all the reviews and retouch you movie.

ClockLock responds:

Yes, I have a lot to work on, such as voice acting and other such things. Thanks for the commentary. =D

Well done. Youve got a future in flash!

i always have to work with animators that have no storytelling ability. you've got that as a big leg up if you work professionally in flash. i love the expressions you get out of very simple faces. great stuff!

ClockLock responds:

Thank you. That's quite a flattering review. XD