Reviews for "Sad One Punch Man"

Anime or not, OPM's a pretty fun concept for a superhero series.

Bald punching guy? I know nothing about this, but he'd better be careful when he jerks it :T

Damn straight. I'm a long-ish term fan of the manga, including OPM-O. I don't really do anime, but the anime did a hell of a lot of right by the source material. Saitama (AKA caped baldy) never gets old, somehow.

i love onepunch man, the idea of a OP main character that kills every enemy no matter how powerful with 1 punch is soo entertaining for me

I noticed the comic book-like "polka dot" effect. That must've been annoying and painstaking to do, unless you used some sort of automatic filter. Also, it took me a while to realize he had pupils.