Reviews for "LL - Greetings"

Sorry for letting you down.

Looks like I have made some mistakes over the few weeks.... oopsie. But I think I told you that I can't do nothing because of my LD movie. Sorry for that. I'll try to make it up!

Also, great flash!

KKyuubi responds:

Uhhh..........DRESS YUOR ZWINKY!

the song that wizard played

the song that wizard played i can do that without a guitar that was toooooooo easy

KKyuubi responds:

air guitar?

ncie song!

fury of the storm bitches!

Nice LL Submission.

Hey, this is Takeout. I would have to say that this flash was good, but there were a few flaws, for one thing, the sudden starting was a bit startling, perhaps an introduction. The whole Guitar Hero hack song was a tad long, good, but a bit long. Other than that, I think this is a good one. Happy Lock Day indeed.

KKyuubi responds:

I just wanted to use as much of the pure awesomeness that is Fury of the Storm as I could. Also, it was supposed to be long, that was the joke!

GHL was confused at why he was being forced to listen to Wizard Lock play GH over the phone, so he just hung up.


i know that song andwhere is the easter egg