Reviews for "Wishbone Ch. 1"

Don'tch hate it when that happens?

"Fuck! I don't even know why I was crying!! Fuck!"


This is a work of art.


I liked the style alot and thought the music fit really well. I didnt like the random sprite head x.x thing. I also think it would flow better without having to click where to go next. otherwise well done!

EKublai responds:

yeah I know, it wa a sort of compromise being th ewearing the mask thing and the fact that it was flash

I think that you ARE a funny man!

This was really unique! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugth at the end but I did. You captured the style of a graphic novel really well and I felt intrigued to know what would happen next.
You did a great job!

EKublai responds:

go ahead laugh, enjoy yourself.

Very nice

That's just soooo funny... XD