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Reviews for "Mario's Underground Challenge"

epic win

step1:search underground music for a mario game
step2:find this
step3:rate 5,write a review giving 10,download
keep up the great work :)


keep it up bro!

Amazing, fun and loud just the way I like it also am I allowed to use this for my youtube channel intro if I make one?

deliverance84 responds:

You can use it man, go for it mate. I made this song like an update, the strings and added stuff I put in was to try and make a new version of the underground theme.

NOSTALGIA!!! *drops dead* l-love getting hit w-with nostalgia!

Just the right active theme like the original but now boosted!

Good fitting intermezzo's to!

deliverance84 responds:

Ah thanks man :) I can't say I disslike any of the original version's of the underground theme, I'm currently re-working this one so look out for it, I will post it very soon.