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Reviews for "Mario's Underground Challenge"

Man, this is the first 5 star rating I've given. I'm an elite jazz musician and I find it hard to find music that I respect. I love video game music, especially old school stuff and Mario, not only did you properly capture the vibe of the original piece but your additions are amazing and delightful to listen to! I heard some sick break beats, and some really great counter lines, excellent idea to add some harmony in the background. The strings are great too. Keep it up bro!

pretty awesome keep it up

i think that you should keep up this great work I showed this to my teacher and saying that you have some talented work there my friend...Lawl

This sounds like an official remix. Like close to sounding like it would appear in a NSMB game

Also the beat sounds great for rapping over! Damn shame I don't know how to rap hahahah but seriously though nice work all in all

....well, great! XD

I'm impressed with the remix on the very basis that I've been trying for ages to figure out the notes well enough to actually DO a remake of it, let alone everything that goes around it xD

I liked them-the sounds all work well together, and it all sounds good :) But, it's not a 5 because there's nothing really there that makes me go "BOOM! YES! THIS IS IT! I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT THIS IS IT!!!!" sort of thing-it's really really on the right tracks, but it just needs a little extra "something" I'm sorry to say =\ but keep it up, I wanna hear more :)