Reviews for "Super Snake"

It Was Nice

Graphics,Sounds,And The Game was Ok..

But...The Game Its Not Accurate,The Snake Wont Eat The "Cherry" If You Would'nt Make It Super Accurate,Maybe You Could Fix That

~~~~The Rest,Really cool! 3/5

UplinkGames responds:

Thx man i appreciate the review

As for the problem....that was a main thing the i had trouble with,and sadly,I had to overlook it

That was pretty good

Its just a snake game but its still ok.....but mostly the song saved you..I think you did well for a first flash...I hope it gets through the portal

UplinkGames responds:

Thank you for the review, I hope it gets through the portal too :P


i normally dont play snake games, but this one is pretty cool.... oh.. and if you are wondering why violence is getting a 10...... well.. THINK OF THE APPLES MAN!... they are getting eaten!... heh..

UplinkGames responds:

Hehehehe..i guess i should have made blood come out of the apples when you ate them....

Dude, seriously... GOOD FRICKIN JOB!!!

I enjoyed the graphic quality, the music was pretty good, and the only complaint I have is that of my own abilities. Good job and keep up the good work!

ok but a little glitchy...

Yeah like the last guy said the items are buggy some times you get them but for some reason it doesn't work. Also they appear right on the edge so it's impossible to get some without dying.
And don't say you've allready explained why the items fail in other responses, because we can't see all reviews till it's through judgement.

My other complaint is the display pic for this game. It's not very impressive and nearly put me of playing the game at all.

The graphics were pretty good, better than a lot games you see getting submitted. However not quite good enough to qualify for the games collection.