Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 4"

Another masterpiece

Classic is one of my favorite music genres, this is beautiful, keep up the good work friend.

Gravey responds:



pretty good

personally not my favorite but you always do a good job

Gravey responds:

Well not every piece can be everyone's favorite. Cause that would undermine the concept of there being favorites in the first place. ;-)


lol well done

sounds like something that'll be in a rpg.or something off a fighting video game honestly just it sound of it


It sounds like it should be used in some type of Action/Adventure game or movie.
That and its cool to listen to it tells a story.


Glad to see and hear that you still make good music, man! The breake at 0:21 is fantastic, the hole piece reminds me at an epical journey tale starring a little knight with a big heart. I will listen to your other songs aswell, seems like I've to catch up a lot.

Btw.: It's a shame that newgrounds put the classical genre in the "easy listening" section.