Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 4"


awesome song but the video is rear!

Final fantasy 7.

Is what this song reminds me of at the beginning. It starts out rather big and then goes into something very original and interesting to listen to. Nice use of piano in this track also. Great build up, just lovely use of instruments in all aspects of this. Then it hits the Final fantasy battle sound again. Very impressive. This has been added to my fav's buddy! Keep it up and congrats on top five.


Gravey responds:

Lot of people have mentioned Final Fantasy to me when they've listened to this. I've passed it around to friends the last month or so before posting here. I've actually never played any of the FF series, but from what I've heard the audio in those games is just amazing. So I'll take the comparisons as a compliment for sure. ;-)

Thanks again.