Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 4"

Great stuff

As always, excellent work. You can tell a lot of effort was put into this. Newgrounds composers need to strive for this tier of production more often.

The motif is nice, and like you said it's very dynamic. I was interested throughout the whole piece, and didn't even realize almost 3 minutes went by.

Gravey responds:

Aw shucks bud. Thanks a ton. Your kind words are much appreciated. :-)


This has fantasy written all over it

Especially beginning....

LUV the Orchestral Themes and they sound really epic... the perfect song for fantasy....

It reminds me of some medieval fantasy game mixed with Mario Bros.! Cool!

Really great job, takes a lot of talent to make an original fantasy :)

Gravey responds:

Thanks. The kind words are appreciated.


good mix...

it sounds good. reminds me of national treasure(2). ive herd some of your other stuff as well and i honestly think you rank as one of the top


I think I've just fell in love with this song.You rock!!Keep it up bro!

This is Epic!

This theme would be awesome for a RPG.