Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 4"

pretty good

personally not my favorite but you always do a good job

Gravey responds:

Well not every piece can be everyone's favorite. Cause that would undermine the concept of there being favorites in the first place. ;-)


Nice song!

I'm writing this review so I can visit anytime through my account.

Good work! Kudos to you.

Really Cool!

Wonderful. This kind of song makes me sad that I can't give a score of 9001. It's the perfect mix of loud epicness and soft(but still just as energized)ness.


Sounds alot like something out of Soulcaliber and that's amazing, especially the intro sounds almost exactly like it.


Glad to see and hear that you still make good music, man! The breake at 0:21 is fantastic, the hole piece reminds me at an epical journey tale starring a little knight with a big heart. I will listen to your other songs aswell, seems like I've to catch up a lot.

Btw.: It's a shame that newgrounds put the classical genre in the "easy listening" section.