Reviews for "Orchestral Theme 4"

good mix...

it sounds good. reminds me of national treasure(2). ive herd some of your other stuff as well and i honestly think you rank as one of the top

Nice song!

I'm writing this review so I can visit anytime through my account.

Good work! Kudos to you.


I don't know what I can say that other people haven't said already. It's passionate, yet balanced, dynamic yet controlled. All in all , great piece.

I declare you king.

Such a bewildering piece deserves a bewildering review; don't you think? So here I go.

This composition is beautiful. Such different, yet similiar sounds uniformly crafted to perfection. This fusillade of melodic chords irrefutably resonates its own detached beauty that is fraught with complexions. Percise and comfortable transitions, and fierce emotion. Also the lack of lyrics allows the listener to make his or her own story. So elaborate and impressive, yet simple and heartfelt. Sincere appreciation for such a masterful creation. Truly perfect, I give you my applause, and I tip my hat.


I like It ! I especially love the the part between 00:21 and 00:57. I like how there a s different parts in between the loops. Makes me think of final fantasy

Gravey responds:

I really like that part too. It's in an odd meter which really made for a different feel during that section. I really love how it is such a stark contrast from the rest of the piece.