Reviews for "The Fear Hole - Episode 5"


Nice flash... but lets have the Croctopus DECIDE!!!! *evil laugh*

I want to work here.

Probably as a henchman or villain understudy. Way cool. Hail evil. Etc.


Weaponry's chest is just fine.

i want a croctapus

*makes anime puppy eyes to one of my big brothers(we arent related)*
brother:no not in you life
me:aww man! i really wanted one!
brother: ...you already have a bottom dweller and about six dragons and god only knows how many where wolves oh and dont get me started on cerebes!
me:T_T i know but...


ICECREAM!!! Everyone knows that deep dish pizza is way better than ice cream. That was totally rediculus. I can't believe that damned corctopus wanted ICE CREAM!!! I thought he was cooler than that. I guess I was wrong. oh wells great vid.