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Reviews for "The book is on the table"


that was very good. the song was Very catchy and good. plus, you had everyone ever. on a table. DANCING! awesome.

table, ta ta ta table, table, ta ta table.

Eurritimia responds:

ta ta ta table... and everybody is on the table!


well Its good.Kepp up the good work.funny song.I am kind of frustrated so I cannot put a long review

Eurritimia responds:

ok then, thanks for your 8!

only one word can describe it....


Eurritimia responds:

No, there's another word to describe it: "catchy"


screw the book, you got marylin manson on your table! lol!
great job man i seriously liked it!

Eurritimia responds:

thanks! :D

's nice

Oh My GOD! This is like, SO, the next summer hit on MTV. Plus you can play it in any disco/club/outhouse or w/e the hell. Works everywhere. Especially wherever there's somebody high. Looks like you've got talent for this, if you can't get a day job, come to Europe and make more trashy techno/dance but not really music for us. WE GIV U MENY MONEYS, MKAY?

Eurritimia responds:

hahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha !
you may not believe it, but this song is kinda old (from 2000 I guess)
The author of this music - it wasn't me, unfortunately - has made another "trashy techno/dance". It calls "what is your name?" and I'm trying to search the mp3 to make another flash like this.
Thanks for your review! :D