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Reviews for "The book is on the table"


It was VERY catchy. The song is still in my mind!

Eurritimia responds:

The first time I heard this song it took me one week to get it out of head...

It's ok

It was kinda annoying and repitetive but for some reason very catchy.

Eurritimia responds:

that was my intent! =)


you get a 1 for having what looked like Marilyn Manson in there...but other than that...

it was annoying.
and random.

not a great combo.

Eurritimia responds:

(I know that Marilyn Manson movie would be useful someday...)

I disagree when you said that annoyment, repetition, seizure-induce and randomness don't make a great combo here, but thanks for commenting!


far too many colours for my taste. maybe thats something you should think about more in your next piece.

Eurritimia responds:

You're absolutely right. I promise my next flash won't be that colorful...


well Its good.Kepp up the good work.funny song.I am kind of frustrated so I cannot put a long review

Eurritimia responds:

ok then, thanks for your 8!