Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Utterly fantastic

I agree with Final-Destination! The battlefrields and such were truly top notch. Something of this quality could really be the next "Alien Hominid", you know?

Marvelous job! Do try and make a sequel!


Make a sequel with a multiplayer feature!


this game is epic so is the music


I created an account for the soul purpose of reviewing this game. It is very heartening to know we still have people like you making games on newgrounds. Thank you.

Awesome game! :D

It's a awesome game, took me some rounds to get it rolling, but the AI works very well. The only con is that you can't possess the most awesome ship, the testudon.

Oh and my team has 1 testudon left, so do they. Their testudon accidently my fighter, so now ours and theirs testudons are in an epic everlasting loop. GG.