Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Great game, shaky at first but got better

This game was great, hard to get used to but once you did the game became a lot better. Good Job!

this is the koolest game of all time!!! well done!

this game could do with the following:

1. Multiplayer mode
2. Campaigns
3. More ships AND the ability to use all of them
4. More bosses
5. Ability to use the radio and give commands and even hear voice-overs
6. Different stages, not just the same old looping square

i know this game was made to be a high-score game with no un-fair advantages, but a sequel with all of the above features would indeed be a welcome treat as there arent many good campaign 1 player games on the net, and there arent even any real good high-score games, and although i havent mastered this game by a long shot as my high scores are pretty shit, i love it to bits! its a challenge in my mind to get to level 5 and take down the mothership (which is a pretty kool boss!). It would be good also if i could have a mothership of my own in some levels...
My only true disappointment is that once when i played i got the mothership on level 4, than i got it on level 5 as well... ive never lost on the mothership until i got it on level 6 as well... ive never passed level 6... but i did set my high score of 89,500 during this same run!!! oh, if u look at the high scores... look at the lowest score which stands at 0... SNIPER!!! lol that was my hard work and its not easy to get 0 coz all the other ships keep killing enemies and they make a score of 100 before i can "END" the whole fleet lol. Great game thanks it amuses me for hours on end i cant get enough even though i totally suck ass at it its just so addictively kool!!!


Even though it's challenging, this game kick so much ass! Once you get into the zone (4 hours of play time) the game gets slightly easier as your rank gets to Angel of Death! The music is awesome, the AI is awesome! The controls are awesome!

WARNING: This game is really addicting!!!!

One of my favorite games on Newgrounds.

This game has kept me coming back to Newgrounds and playing it. The music selection is perfect, and I love the concept of being able to take over one of your allies...

Love it

Is there a chance of a number 2?