Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Nice game!

it is a very good game. graphics r nice. kinda lagged me abit but thats just my comp kinda is slow... but alas! a good game none the less. keep up the good work i hope to see more! and kool music btw!

AndrewMartin responds:

Yeah, it's a pretty processor taxing game, so i did at least TRY to accomodate for older PCs (with the performance options at the start). Glad that you still liked it though =]

And you should check out the artists' audioportal pages (linked in credits) if you like the music =]


This game was unreal! Please make a sequal you don't even have to change the graphics just make cool fetures like upgrades and stuff pleeeeeeease.

Makes you feel significant

This is the best game that I've seen that actually made me feel like I was part of an army, a bigger thing thats going on around me. My allied ships weren't useless and I wasn't overpowered. At first I got my ass kicked but as I gained skill I was soon an explosion junkie.

Awesome game, one of my favorite flash games ever.

fuckin awsome

great game, better ai, just a good concept and a shitstorm flash skill

to win the later levels remember that the ai is so good in this game u can tie up a few enemy fighters and keep them out of the fray if u can avoid getting killed in a 3 on 1 situation

and for the high score fans out there
3 kills without dying = multikill
10 kills = explosion junckie
15 = unstoppable
20 = blue baron

i got 21 at my best....without dying

Only Daily 3rd???

I think that it's ridiculous that this game only got the Daily 3rd Award. This is quite possibly the most fun I've ever had playing a flash game. The game is pretty hard but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to see a sequel in the future.