Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


too... much... AWESUMNESS! Music... too... cool... aaaaaargh!

Love it

Is there a chance of a number 2?

Love it but

The enemies are too fast i can never chase one.And the screen is too small.If i do chase one i lose it because it is fast and it goes out of the screen

great graphics, unique gameplay...

...and hugely addictive. this idea is too great to stop after just one game.
how about these ideas for the sequel:

-points to spend on the own force (e.g. ship=1 point; fighter=3 points; testudon=5 points; upgrade all ship's/fighter's/testudon's weapon/speed/manoevres/shields...)
-ONLINE MODE! ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE! this would REALLY rock in online multiplayer mode
-quick restart. seriously. I was on a really high level and got killed, then there was only a red and a blue testudon left and they cruised around all the time without coming near each other. such moments SUCK.


-and PLEASE, DO NOT add more of a story. that would SO spoil the game

thanks for this unique, addicting and hugely rocking game!

Left Handers...

Was a good concept albeit a bit confusing at times. But I would of played it for much longer, but it's harder using WASD and the mousepad (on a laptop) when you're left handed. You should definitely add arrow buttons as a control method. But the idea was good anyway.