Reviews for "Daft Punk - Derezzed (8-bit)"


I really like this song, both original and this one. But this one, needs to have a deeper kick at 0:32. Atleast, if it's possible. And really like the raw part at 0:57. I could never do it better myself. But at 1:25 I would make the music louder slightly, not that you can hear it get louder.
So yeah, awesome work and keep it up.

PS: Saw you're pretty popular at YouTube, though you only have like 3 vids... That deserves a subscription!

Pretty awesome!

I always liked well done 8-bit songs. It's kinda my soft spot :D
Great job!
P.S Maybe a tutorial for famitracker? I've tried to figure out how to use it, but it never turns out, well near decent :P

midimachine responds:

hey thanks

this was sequenced *mostly* in FL, i used famitracker just to make sure that the articulations i was using were actually possible with proper 8-bit music.


I like the song. I beleive that if the song had a stronger beat or something to make the song more fierce it would be amazing

midimachine responds:

the original definitely has that stronger beat


ITS AWESOME!!!! THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME AND DAFT PUNK IS ALSO AWESOME!!!!! i got this movie's soundtrack today for christmas :)


I LOVE THIS! I love the way you mide it SO much like the original Derezzed.