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Reviews for "Decisive"

Good stuff!

It's really fun that you are experimental in your musical creating! This is one crazy mix between DnB and chiptune, and it works out really really well!

I like how the intro is entirely based on chiptune sounds - even the drums sound like they come from a NES game (which is awesome of course!). An improvement would be a better transition from intro to the "verse" or whatever you would like to call it :). When the DnB drums kick in I'd personally like to hear some more force in it, and a good way to do this is to add some cymbals and more percussion. Another way to lay more emphasis on the transition could be to let the drums gradually build up and then go into the verse. There's a lot of ways you can do this and it's all personal. It's by no means bad as it is right now, but personally I would add a little more force to the transition :).

I like your little bridge starting at 01:08 with the piano and the strings followed by an 8-bit lead synth. It's a really smart thing to do, adding a little variety to the song :). Dude, I as the crazy person I am utterly blown away by the use of glitch drums in the bridge. I freaking love it man! Did you happen to listen to a few Lawn Wake songs before doing this? Those songs contain some of the craziest drum patterns I've ever heard :p.

At the next bridge/stick/whatever @ 04:06 I see you're doing some more crazy drums. It sounds really awesome here aswell, but I think you should turn down the volume just a little because when the drums kick in there you can't here the mellow bass anymore. So, a little lower volume on those drums would be prefered :). Nonetheless, the transition to the next part here is awesome! The 8-bit melody here is extremely well done and it really shows that you are a very musical person. Another varation thing that I really love at this part, is after playing 2 times in the original key, you move up 2 halfnotes and start playing the same thing in this new key. I love that kind of stuff, it really adds to the variety.

Overall this is probably one of my favourite tracks from you. The mix between NES and DnB is lovely. Like the reviewer below me said, this is a new genre of 8-bit :D!

Keep up the good work!


AvizuraNG responds:

Thanks! I've always been a big fan of Drum N Bass and VGM.
My first tunes were VGM tunes, but I removed them cuz they weren't that good.

Thanks, I got inspired by GBC music, then added some of my own sounds (Vibraphone etc.)
My idea was actually to move from 8Bit (Chiptune) into more bits and more.
Ah, well, I'll add a buildup some time, but I can't edit this song anymore, because it was featured in the top 30 and has 3000+ listens. :S

Haha! That part, oh yeah it was inspired by 90s dance music (That piano), Like your flying really high, then fall back on the ground and fight your Earthnemesis.
Oh thanks! :) I got the idea for the IDM break fro Iridium's "Clean versus Dirty".
Then I composed my own little break.

Oh that! Nah that's just a little synth, not meant as a bass :p
Thank you again! :D Yeah, Typical Chiptune ARPS :P It's not that hard to compose actually, just compose an arp and then move it to other notes etc.

Haha! Thanks man! I love it when people enjoy my songs ;)

i love it...different kind of 8-bit

awesome, new genre of 8-bit. sweet job.

AvizuraNG responds:

Haha, Thanks ismis! ;)

8 bitcore?

almost dident click it cos the name1 im glad i did tho! wish i would have befor i clicked all the other bs ! i love this sounds sounds kinda like 8 bit mixed with hardcore!
i like it <3


DIT IS ECHT KICKE enne, ik geef altijd 10 en xDDDDDD

AvizuraNG responds:

Spannend heh? :P Kan niet wachten tot jouw Drama - dinges :P