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Reviews for "Ackbar : Halo 3 Beta"

Haha I loved that!

This isn't crazy......ok now it's crazy. Haha I get the feeling he's the new Chris Tucker.


nuff said


This is great, short, sweet and funny.

Also, I got to voice act in it.

Amazing, but flawwed

As I opended the flash I was immediatley greeted by the delightful sight of a somewhat edited preloader, the introduction of the chracter PORPLE MONTAGE was quite captivating, and I immediatley wished for more. However, I had an ackbar to watch, and it was my sole duty to do so. I was immediatley greeted and captivated by bitmaps of Halo 3 characters moving with the plot setup of "lets get that flag", you could have improoved by stating, Why they wish for the flag, Maybe make it apparent that they crave the flag. My questions were nulled as I realized this is no ordinary capture the flag, it's clearly a "Crazy" capture the flag. I have never been involved in a "crazy" capture the flag but i went along with the flash. My questions were hardly answered but your amazing introduction of the character "halo character with gattling gun" kept me watching, I was shocked and amazed by the reapearence of Super Mario questioning if Luigi had infected reached the all important step to mother hood. The suspense continued as the flash had ended. It captured me like a flash no other, and I sinceley wish for a sequel.

This was Fun-liculous

This was so fun:u should make a2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,t ill 200 submission.