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Reviews for "Ackbar : Halo 3 Beta"

i think

alot of people are going to steal this and put it on youtube :(


Woah! I almost pee'd :l


No one has commented on this for a long time. Well anyway, good work. because my rating is over Nine thousAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND !!!!

ok now its crazy XD

WOOT I give that an 1 for being HALO and 10 for being ackbar so your final score is: 11!
keep up the good work because without you I WILL DIE! DIE YOU HEAR! I WILL DIE WITHOUT ACKBAR! so once again keep up the good work

Sweet little short.

The fact that Ackbar & friends we're trying the Halo 3 beta was pretty funny though it was rather short so it didn't get off too much funniness but you can't go wrong with Mama Luigi. :P