Reviews for "SpongBob Smash Pants"

Best Movie Evar

You are greaterest author evar.
I have shet up a shrine for you.

this cartoon reminds me of a show on tv

hmmm, i donno but i think you spelled spongbob////spongebob*** wrong


next time make bob shuck squidwards face with buttery corn on the cob

About The Movie

this is so great! man you rock at making movies squirdword looks so funny and spongbob, is so funny!!! i think you did, a fine job on this funny flash and i will check out some more flashes you did and see how they are.


You did a fine job.

i think thats a rip off

thats a rip off cuz sqwidward and spongbob dosnt have the voises on the tv show!

not that good.

the profanity made it a 3, otherwise it wud have been a zero. and its way too short. u cud do much better than this.