Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Great game

I love this game very fun and creative i like the fact that you basicall make the weapon you kill your enemy with plus the variation of effect from the weapons differs the fact you have to restock potion makes it challenging and a great game in all cant wait for next one


An over-all beautifully put-together game. The graphics were clear, the style was oh-so-unique, the sound was different but helpful, it wasn't very violent at all (That's a good thing!), and it was all interactivity-ish fun. It wasn't very humorous, though. Maybe you could add a storyline? You could get a bit after each level... Well anyway - If you're coming out with a version two, LET ME KNOW!!!

~~Assasin In Secret~~

A Great game

Deserves a great strategy.
One that I used personally... 1-1-0.
I know it sounds crazy and a bit challenging, but I'm currently playing, on level 15, with 1-1-0.
I got the quick reload first, and now I'm working on upgrading my explosives more.
It's also great that you barely spend anything for this build.



Even when I died I felt a sense of accomplishment. However, I do think that there should be a corrosive chemichals option for the concoction I found (which is 17,17,25; 25,25,50; or 50,50,100).

my best

is b=20 r=40 y=60