Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Pretty Addictive

I know some people say usually they just stick to one thing once they've started using it. One thing I've found is

1.) Using potion 5 blue 100 Red 100 Yellow - this potion emits the green gas continuously for at least 10 seconds. This can be useful if you throw 1 or 2 of these when the spiders start coming while throwing the yellow blob
2.) The yellow blob doesn't have to be expensive plus it is very effective. With variation 5,5,7 it is enough to stick and destroy the enemy.
3.) If there's too much overwhelming you, make the red rocks that explode 100 blue, 0 Red, 100 Yellow

Great game - although there should be more ways for defense.

TMP3z ur wrong...

This game is very easy, and hitting the wall isn't the games fault but yours. If you wanna win or at least get to 24 wave
(when i just got bored) follow my instructions. The only recipe you will use is blue:30 red:100 yellow:0. When you buy upgrades do this in this order: toxinslvl1, spikewall,toxinslvl2,quick reload. Of course you must remember and in-game use only detonation in air( clicking the left mouse button when then potion is above and in the middle of monster group). That's the point of the succes, at least to the lvl 24 when i just got bored.


was a great game but a save feature would have been nice awsome time killer too

my best combination

my best potion combination would have to be
Blue: 50 or more
Red: 8
yellow: 1
but the problem is that you run out of blue too quickly.

totally awsome!!!

ninja kiwi is a genious!!!!!