Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Cool game

But add in the second version:

-more basic potions
-more than fire and all
-more upgrades
-a save function for the upgrades and all
-more options...
-an two players mode

one of the best games on the web

Great Game

It is a great game, and the mixing potions thing is a nice touch. i think adding more upgrades, a health bar, and since there is more than one kind of potion, multiple save potion slots.

pretty good

i like this game. i think its a very unique and new kind of defense game. im not very good at it yet but im sure ill be up there with the pros in new time. Great submission.

Great game!

My favorite potion was the yellowish green or orange mixture the kinda shrapnel grenade that stuck to the enemies and the ground and did continued damage. About 10,0,25 but theres alot of ways to tweek it. Like some other reviews said once you find a good mixture theres no incentive to change really and I didnt notice a big enough diffrent between potion strengths but otherwize i'd love to see a sequel.

great game

love the game. could use a little music. also there is a small bug. when you launch a potion and it hits the floor, if you click right after it hits it has a double potion effect like you launched 2 of them.