Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Surprisingly Incredible

A very very good game. The endless combination of potions is an in disposable aspect of this amazing game. I loved it.

good game perfect

this is a very good game i love it!!justu i cant think of a good combination the only way i can win is that all potions use 100 but i run out of pointions fast anyone have a good combination plz?

Original Gameplay

You my fine sir have made a unique game! It could just use some music or somthing. If you make a sequel you should of course make a wider variety of potions,Make bosses maybe I think that would be cool. Thx for reading this if you do. These where just a few opinions. GREAT GAME!!!!

Very Nice!

I liked this game a lot! I was definitely panicking when my wall and potions were down and that huge spider came along. For the adrenaline rush, I give you a 10 overall. =]

This game = FUN!

blue 29 red 40 yellow 4 lol

fun and awesome but gets boring