Reviews for "Potion Panic"

It was an OK game but...

I wont play it twice. There isnt really much new in the next few levels.

6 because - yea - I wont play it twice.


It was fun... for about 20 mins... until I realised that I been fighting the same things all the time expect some where different colour. Make more monsters was gay see same thing... alos the quick reload I found useless wasn't much of a improvement.. for 25000

not half bad

it was pretty good, but if i ran outta money and chemicals after getting really far...all i could do wa restart.otherwise pretty good.

Interesting concept

It gets tedious quickly, but I liked the variety and idea of mixing potions.

Great Idea.

Only one fatal flaw. The game gets frustratingly annoying when you spend tons of cash making expensive recipes just for your cannon to hit your own wall.

Could have been a great game, should have made him shoot through the wall or perhaps placed him on a platform higher up so you don't constantly hit it.