Reviews for "Potion Panic"


Great game, My personal favorite was 20 blue, 37 red, and 15 yellow, it makes sort of an acid that clins to enimies and kills them slowly. Detonate in the air for the best effect!

love it

one thing whats the best combination , i always got a gas bomb explosive or poison goo or the fire/water pumps things

w8ing for a response or a chemical mixture thing


gets boring fats but pretty good though

not bad

Quite OK, but the gameplay gets to be a little monotonous after a while...

Yes, this was addictive!!!!!!!!!

I was playing for about an hour, it was fun. However, it got quite repetive and I thought it should of had more competetion. It should of had some music background then it would of been kick ass! :) good job.