Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Nice work

Cool thing with the potion mixture, i really enjoyed that, yeah! Although, when the enemies came near it was kinda hard to get them, overall, GOOD WORK!

Like the idea, could be refined

I was enjoying this until I reached the witch. I had no money after just buying the Explosive upgrade, and all my potions ran out so I couldn't attack. The witch was not fighting back, so nothing was happening and I was forced to restart. Not good..

I think the potion mixing concept itself was a bit flawed too. It was very fun at first to try out all the different potions, but when I found one that worked well I just stuck with it and had no need to change. Would have been much better if there had been a need to change (which it looked like you'd done with the witch, had it worked for me).

Graphically it's good on the whole with a few areas for improvement. The canon reloader for example, circular gradients like that looks horrible, especially as it contrasts with the rest of the graphics.

I'm a bit sick of defense games now, but the original concept of this one gives it enough interest. I think you could have taken the good idea further though. A nice effort, like your work a lot, keep them coming.

Simply Addictive and Purely Original

The graphics were average, although the ability to mix the potions around were great. My little wizard died at lvl 15, but it was a great game nonetheless. I didn't notice what was the difference in upgrades however....

Very fun

This was pretty fun, it kept me occupied for quite some time.
I think it's incredibly fun creating different potions and such.

I think it would have been better if there were some background music or something though.
I think that the upgrades and refill on potions are a bit expensive.
It would also be better if we could save more than one potion.

One of my favorite concoctions was 25,8,8 It's pretty widespread and eliminated rather quickly

Amazingly fun!

You have made an incredibly fun, original game! The only things that needs improving are the music. It needs background music!
The second thing is that...Well you need to continue having new things! After about 10 minutes i got my first upgrade, and then it got kinda boring. Add more variety and things to do while we are saving up for those upgrades!!