Reviews for "Potion Panic"


kinda hard to get money but alot of creativity is involved in this game :D

It's a good game

But get's a little repetitive. My two favorite combinations were b=33 r=100 y=32. I'd use that only if you have too because it wastes a lot. It's good to get rid of the witch in one shot because what happens is it explodes and then makes a sticky thing come out of it that scatters and hooks onto opponents draining thier life. And usually when that thing dies it will fall to the ground and whatever steps over it will get hurt as well. =D

Not bad

It was fun and addicting, but it also gets old pretty fast.
a hint that worked for me, at the beginning i just used blue:1 red:1 yellow:1
This conserves a lot of the potions, so you don't waste money on those to quickly, and it lasted me to wave 11 (possibly longer, i got bored and stopped) and i was able to use all the money on quick upgrades instead of more potion


Pretty good but like the others said it gets boring
my favourite potion: Blue=8 Red=9 Yellow=13

Useless upgrade

I used the strategy most people talked about using explosive combos just red and blue.

I saved up 6000 for the upgrade for better explosives. And it didn't help at all infact it was more of a detriment, usually the shrapnell is short proximity and can take out mulitple targets. And If you nick the edge of the wall it sprays at them like a shotgun. With the upgrade all the shrapnel either flies offscreen or ends up far away from any enemies.