Reviews for "Potion Panic"


Hey, nice game - Its very addictive :D
Keep up the good work :]


Because i know somebody out there is going to get frustrated figuring out potions, here is what i've found so far: (all ratios are Blue:Red:Yellow, and ratios are simply what i've think are strongest, i don't know how damage, duration, and scatter are calculated)
Max fire, simple, 1:1:1 ratio
Max damage/spread slime, 87:100:100 (if necessary, round B down, R/Y up.)
Max duration, most concentrated (i think) slime, 34:100:100 (opposite the last one, blue down, RY up)
Max scatter and damage explosion: 100B:102(R+Y) e.g. 100:2:100, 100:100:2
Max duration (?) and damage vapor: 33:100:100


It is an exelant game. It is a little chalenging though. The best part of it is finding your favorite mix. Mine is b=10, r=10, and y=27. It could be better if there were more effects besides bombs, sludge, fire, and gas. Over all it is a great game, a little repetitive, addicting, classic styled, and fun! Keep it up!

Fun, but gets repetitive

My best potion was blue:44 red:18 and yellow:10, with thespike wall and destructive detonations.

very addicting

hey try blue 50 yellow 50 and red 10 it makes flames!