Reviews for "Potion Panic"

Great Game

This game is one of the most addicting I've played. The ways to combine the potions are fun and its cool to try to find good ratios. The enemies are interesting in design and the game has a good learning curve. I'd say this game is worth playing for a while.


What an original concept! If this game gets enough good press, I'd like to see what a polished sequal would play like.

good game

Good game but could use some changes. It would be nice if you could save potions into quick slots so you can quickly change. I like how you can hear the enemies coming so you know what you will be facing. The game progresses too slowly. Gets boring quick. The game is unique and with some minor improvements could be great.

Good but needs work

Its an amazing idea just not nearly as indepth as it could be. If u make a sequal make a storyline. And the upgrades seemed to me like a waste of money so make a description of the upgrades and tell what they do to help. Overall though its a good game.
My favorite is 25 5 20 red bomb with insane damage.
i didnt have sound so i gave u a 0 srry.

Fun, but gets repetitive

My best potion was blue:44 red:18 and yellow:10, with thespike wall and destructive detonations.