Reviews for "Potion Panic"


This is one of the best games I have ever played!
However, there were some things I missed and I hope to see them in part 2:
- Being able to save more than one potion and being able to name them.
- Items coming from the enemies (potions, potion recipes etc.)
- More kinds of potions
- A testing court in which you can test your potions.

Overall, it was a great game.

Warnockworld responds:

Hi Bulsseye, I'm glad you liked the game and thanks for the really great suggestions! If we do a sequel these things will definitely be on the list.


I really enjoyed playing this, and its a game you could play for hours. The graphics have a unique style which I like, the gameplay is very good, the animation is brilliant especial for the slugs when they die. The only problem I thought is that it takes ages to make money, either that or I just suck xD

-Awesome job


b33 r100 y100 :)

Good game!

blue : 31
red : 47
yellow : 60
Try it!

I love this game!

A great idea and a great game!